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Discover the power of daily gratitude and how it can transform your life. Learn simple and effective ways to incorporate gratitude into your daily routine and experience the benefits of a grateful mindset.
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Renea Bartlett core values are self-love, empowerment, and leadership, and I continuously learn about these through teaching. Teaching others, teaching my son, and teaching through coaching, writing, and reflecting on my learning and that of my colleagues and clients.

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Dive into the world of gratitude affirmations. Learn how simple, positive phrases can transform your mindset and uplift your daily life. Perfect for anyone looking to bring more joy and appreciation into their routine. #GratitudeAffirmations #Mindfulness #Wellbeing

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Gratitude is a deep appreciation for something or someone and maybe the key to happiness, well-being, and mental strength. Study after study shows that practicing gratitude for as little as 5 minutes can alter activity in brain regions associated with emotion and motivation. Practicing gratitude makes the simple switch from counting burdens to counting blessings,

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