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Dark sun

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Our exclusive interview with legendary fantasy artist Brom!

Brom is only 48, which is pretty young to have his career summed up in a single book. But the recently released The Art of Brom does just that, from his humble beginnings (seriously, you have to see the dinosaur picture he drew when he was 5) to his reign as one of the fantasy world’s biggest artists to his more…

DarkSun, Justin Sweet on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/wPewX

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Dark Sun by Justin Sweet. The themes of struggling against harsh environments and violence are common  themes between Nights of the Crusades and Dark Sun.

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ArtStation - Dark Sun Lord - Gwyndolin

About 15 hours on Photoshop. Video process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eepyAJ_fjoY&t=3s&ab_channel=JPerezART

Velsharoon - The Forgotten Realms Wiki - Books, races, classes, and more

Velsharoon (pronounced: /ˈvɛlʃɑːruːn/ VEL-shah-roon), also known as Mellifleur, was the Faerunian demigod of necromancy, the patron of liches and those that explored undeath. Arrogant and obsessed, the Archmage of Necromancy continued his experiments on the living and the dead as a god, paying no heed to the lesser lives lost in the name of his research and encouraging his disciples to do the same. Velsharoon appeared as a gaunt, sallow-skinned man 10 feet (3 meters) in height, his deathly…

Eladrin | Dark Sun Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

New to the Dark Sun universe, Eladrin bear close resemblence to the myths of Djjin/Genies of Arabian cultures. Their home is the Feywild, known as Lands within the Wind. A shadow of its former glory, most areas of Feywild have been destroyed by arcane powers. Most Eladrin are still high minded and look down upon other races. Arcane magic is forbidden in most of their society as its careless use was the cause for the Feywild's destruction. Eladrin on Athas bear almost no differences from…