Deadpool kills the marvel universe

Witness the mayhem as Deadpool takes on the entire Marvel Universe. Find out how our favorite anti-hero wreaks havoc and leaves no hero or villain untouched.
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12 appearance(s) of Wade Wilson (Earth-12101) 1 minor appearance(s) of Wade Wilson (Earth-12101) 2 mention(s) of Wade Wilson (Earth-12101) 1 mention(s) in handbook(s) of Wade Wilson (Earth-12101) 46 image(s) of Wade Wilson (Earth-12101) 27 quotation(s) by or about Wade Wilson (Earth-12101) 122 victim(s) killed by Wade Wilson (Earth-12101)

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-That Dustin Weaver cover to Astonishing X-Men is intriguing. I have a sense of what's going on (Wolverine and a bomb are involved), but it's abstract enough to get me curious. Well done. -Chris Samnee is my cover artist of the month. His work on Avenging Spider-Man and Daredevil both demonstrate blending the super heroic with the civilian for a combination of excitement and heart. He nails Spidey and DD, but his work also gets me genuinely invested in Aunt May and Foggy Nelson as well…

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Earlier this month, Bleeding Cool told you that Despicable Deadpool would be canceled with May's Despicable Deadpool #300, only to be relaunched with a new number one issue in June. Now that Marvel has released the April solicitations, at least the first part of that report has proven true. April's Despicable Deadpool #299 will be […]

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