Deep closet

Maximize the space in your deep closet with these clever storage solutions. Find ideas to keep your belongings organized and easily accessible.
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Hello AT,In my endless vacillation between less space/better neighborhood, more space/not so great, I’m moving to a tiny studio. I don’t mind cozy, but the single closet in the place is the major drawback. There is no door, and it has a narrow long layout, with the bars one behind the other. In real-estate terms this was called a ‘walk-in closet’!

Mary Niewoehner
If there is anything that I absolutely swoon over, it’s those master closets with organization for days. I don’t even own enough clothes to fit in most of them, but I still get googly-eyed at all the organization. And I know I am not the only one. Hubby can speed though an IKEA store like … Small Bedroom Closet Storage Ideas, Closet Shelves, Closet Hacks, Diy Closet Shelves, Closet Makeover, Closet Remodel, Closet Works, Corner Closet, Closet Renovation

Do you dream of pretty, organized closets but don't want to spend thousands of dollars? We built this small builder grade closet using a closet Ikea hack for under $250! Keep reading to learn how to make your closet into beautiful, organized and functional with these tips, full tutorial, and inexpensive supplies.

Galen Nott