Deep fried sushi

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When preparing sushi or, really any dish in general, it is good to keep in mind the concept of umami, a Japanese word meaning u0022essence of deliciousnessu0022. Though the word is Japanese, the meaning behind it is universal.It is the savory flavor of meat, vegetables, fish, aged cheese, mushrooms and many other foods. Learn how to best combine these foods for a dish that accomplishes umami, making the diner desire more.The first sushi bar in the United States opened in Los Angeles in 1966…

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I am completely obsessed with sushi, especially Las Vegas Rolls. For those of you who don't know what a Las Vegas Roll is, in my opinion it is the best of all sushi's! It has cream cheese on the inside and is deep fried!!! um HELLO, YUMM! Well anyway I hardly ever get it because we hardly ever go out to eat. So I searched and searched for a recipe and I could not find one ANYWHERE!! I found a few good sushi making websites, my favorite is (I found him on you tube) and he even…

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