Dehydrating canned vegetables

Learn how to dehydrate canned vegetables to preserve their flavor and nutrients. Discover top ideas for using dehydrated vegetables in your favorite recipes.
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One way you can save money, time, and space is to dehydrate your canned green beans. In fact, any vegetable or fruit that does not have all sorts of additives or high fructose corn syrup in it will dehydrate well. For an economic edge always buy canned goods on sale. Most stores have loss leaders. These are special sale items that are marked down significantly low. Their purpose is to draw customers into the store. When you find a loss leader on plain canned veggies, not seasoned or with…

RuthAnn Willis
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Whether you’re an experienced prepper, new prepper, or not even into prepping, you’ve probably heard that some people dehydrate foods. Maybe you know why it’s important to know which foods you can dehydrate and you’ve finally decided to give it a try. But in case you aren’t aware of all the great reasons to dehydrate ... Read more

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