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Concept designs done for WWI Apocalypse at AWITA Art Studio. My brother, Jose Charro, developed the design, linework and color sketches for these and I did the rendering Concept Design: Jose Charro Render: Javier Charro https://www.artstation.com/awita

Flint fantasy
Airship Concept Art, Fantasy Airship, Airship Steampunk, Airship Captain, Scifi Character Design, Punk Character Design, Dieselpunk Art, Dieselpunk Fashion, Discord Memes

The Airship Captain is in command of the airspaces above the Factory Fortress and it's surroundings. It is their duty to not only track down Skverna abominations around the Fortress, but to represent another Emperor's bully that overseer it's common people. Artist: Elena Danilova

Trystan As

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