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Bring the magic of Disney into your home with captivating artwork. Explore top ideas to showcase your love for Disney characters and create a whimsical atmosphere in your living space.
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A Painter Showed How Disney Princesses Would Look If They Were Drawn Now / Bright Side Animation, Cinderella, Fictional Characters, Female Characters, Female, Character, Cartoon Artist, Cartoon Girl Drawing, Drawing Now

The Walt Disney Company gave the world many female characters, and princesses were the most popular among them. The first Disney princess was Snow White, and this animated movie was released 81 years ago in 1937. Isabelle Staub, a painter from Pennsylvania, has redrawn her favorite characters, and now it feels almost as if these movies have just been released. Not only do they look up-to-date, they also please the eye with their bright colors and strict lines. We at Bright Side liked this…

Lena Lobaina Martínez
Sleeping Beauty

Some people think that learning about art history is only for artists, art critics, and those working in the art sphere. However, one artist thinks that it’s important for everyone to learn about it. To prove that, Spanish graphic designer and illustrator Carlos Gromo created a series of Disney characters inspired by famous paintings to help people to memorize these classics better. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with the artist!

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