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Sheriff is a supporting character in the Disney/Pixar Cars franchise. He is the local sheriff of Radiator Springs. "There's a long history of law enforcement in Sheriff's family. His father was a traffic cop. His aunt, his two cousins on his mother's side, his little brother...even his grandfather was a traffic cop, directing traffic at Times Square in New York around the turn of the century. Sheriff always knew he too would be a cop. After all, how many other options did he have with a name…

Bruna Souza
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Fillmore is a supporting character in the Disney/Pixar Cars franchise. He is a smooth-talking hippie VW mini-bus. Fillmore is the owner of Fillmore's Taste-In, where he sells organic fuel. "Fillmore is Radiator Springs' resident hippie. A believer in individuality and all things natural, he brews his own organic fuel and preaches its many benefits. Visitors can try Fillmore's special flavors in the tasting room behind his love-bead and tie-dye-covered geodesic dome. His many conspiracy…

Cameron Rike