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Mouse Ears for YOUR BOUQUET 💍🌹🌸🌼🌺🌻💐 Set of 6 handmade Mouse Ear floral pins These resin Mouse Ear crystals make a fabulous addition to ANYONE needing a MAGICAL Disney Day! These Mouse Crystal Flower Pins are made with <3....and are glued on a 2 in stainless steel post. The crystals are about a half inch and look amazing on!

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THIS IS AN AD FREE POST! You're Welcome :) No funny business here! This is by far the number one question I get since creating my very first DIY Mickey Ear video for Youtube. I have done my research but REMEMBER, I am not a lawyer so PLEASE feel free to research further if you think you might be infringing. (notice I mentioned I used to sell these but now I don't) I am going to cover A LOT, so grab a coffee and get comfy. Also bring your thinking hat because this is gonna be thought…

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