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Experience the epic adventures of Disney Hercules and join him on his journey to become a legendary hero. Discover magical moments, thrilling action, and unforgettable characters in this timeless Disney classic.
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Megara (better known as Meg) is the deuteragonist of Disney's 1997 animated feature film Hercules. A snarky "femme fatale", Meg once served as a reluctant minion of Hades, to whom she was indebted. Having endured a troubled past, Meg developed a cynical disposition, her only goal being to rescind her bind and live a life of solitude. Her outlook would slowly start to change upon meeting Hercules, whose genuine innocence would prove there was still good in the world. In her youth, Meg was…

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Aphrodite is the Olympian Goddess of love and beauty. She is loved and adored by many and she even has her own theme song. The goddess of love is very friendly, calm, and benevolent, but she can also get annoyed at times. She initially acts very refinedly, but after her introductions tends to fall into a relaxed "valley girl" personality. Her introductions are accompanied by a musical jingle, which everybody, herself included, regards as annoying. She is established as being romantically…

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