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What are the easiest dogs to own? More specifically I'm looking for a dog and want to know what dog breeds are the best for a novice dog owner?

Puppy In Training | Potty Training, Biting, Barking, Obedience, Behavior, and Crate Training Tips For You & Your Puppy
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Over the past couple years we’ve noticed an increase in clients asking how we keep our puppy nursery so neat and tidy. Even with Bella’s last litter of ten (10) goldendoodle puppies, the nursery was ready for stop-in visits at the drop of a hat. What’s our secret? Training zones. Check out our How to potty train puppies at JUST 4 WEEKS OLD! video on YouTube that shows these zones in action. Teaching puppies their proper zones for sleeping, playing, eating, and pottying serves as a major…

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