Dog tear stains

Discover proven methods to eliminate dog tear stains and keep your furry friend looking fresh and vibrant. Find top tips and products to maintain your dog's beautiful appearance.
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Why does my dog have tear stains? You may look and stare at your dog and think, why does my dog have tear stains? Are they unhappy? But then you remember your dog is pampered more than you are and how could that be possible for such a spoiled pup. Well, there are actually many reasons why your lovable pooch may show tear stains. Aside from some of the more obvious signs such as allergies, inability to fully close the eyes or teething puppies, there are many more natural or serious reasons…

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As a pet parent, you may have noticed the occasional tear stain on your pup's fur. While this is not necessarily cause for alarm, it is important to be aware of the different causes of tear stains in dogs so that you can take steps to prevent or treat them as needed. While there are many potential causes of tear stains, one that may sound a bit odd as a cause is: Chicken. Can Chicken Cause Tear Stains in Dogs? Yes, chicken can cause tear stains in dogs. This is because chicken meat contains…

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Tear stains—two words that are all too familiar—and all too annoying and inconvenient—for us humans whose pooches have to endure this unsightly and uncomfortable reddish-brown streaks. While some causes of these rusty streaks may not warrant an emergency trip to the vet, it helps to know how to remove tears stains and keep them away—without using anything that may harm or compromise your dog’s health. Recognizing the Signs—Beyond the Obvious, That Is Tear stains are caused by the…

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