Doorway ideas

Transform your space with these creative doorway ideas. From unique designs to stylish entryways, discover the perfect inspiration to upgrade your home.
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table next to a window with white drapes

I’m all about making the most of every inch of my home. That includes getting creative with my doorways and any pass-throughs within my apartment. Adding a little pizzazz to a doorway or opening couldn’t be easier, no matter your design style or type of home. I’ve rounded up seven of my favorite techniques below. Whether you choose to paint, install molding, or incorporate greenery, you can’t go wrong with these stylish ideas.

J. Franklin Lowe
an archway leading into a living room with white walls and wood floors, along with a lamp on the end table Home, Interior, Interior Design, Archways In Homes, Arch Entryway, Arch Interior, Arched Interior Doors, Modern Door, Arch Doorway

I’ve been dreaming of adding an archway to our hallway at Coyote Casa Blanca, and rounding out our living room/kitchen archway. I just picked up this arch kit from the Home Depot and thought I’d round up (hehe see what I did there) some inspiration before we tackle this project.

Lila Rose
before and after pictures of an orange room Home, Diy Interior, Interior, Moldings And Trim, Interior Door Trim, Home Remodeling, Bifold Closet Doors, Diy Home Upgrades, Easy Home Upgrades

Our doorways said nothing. Not even hello. Or goodbye. We wanted them to say something, anything really. So when changing out the trim in our home, we decided the doorways also needed a little change. The doorways in our home were sheet rock only. No pretty wood. No pretty molding. Nothing that spoke of originality. They were painted, and that was about it. To bring more character into our house, we added big molding around the doors. What we used: 4 - 1x4x7 MDF 2 - 1x4x5 MDF 2 - 1x6x7 MDF 4…

Melissa Mendiola