Dream catcher boho

Enhance the dreamy ambiance of your space with these captivating boho dream catcher ideas. Discover unique designs and make your dreams come true with a touch of whimsy.
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This beautiful large handmade white crochet and macrame dream catcher is a perfect boho wall hanging for home decor. Made with love and good vibes it's perfect for a bohemian bedroom, nursery room, kids bedroom, or living room. Dream catchers originate from Native American cultures. The dream catcher is believed to protect a person from bad dreams. The good dreams filter down through the feathers and gently reach the dreamer while the bad dreams get caught. Dream catchers are believed to…

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Dream Catchers, some people see it as a cool added decoration to their homes, others believe that it serves as a protective talisman that protects people from nightmares. Whatever your reason is in having dream catchers, one thing is for sure, it does not only “catch” dreams, but attention as well.

Loretta Dick
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This beautiful dream catcher would be the perfect addition to any living space! It is available in two different sizes, a medium 7" or large 10". This catcher part of our Boho Floral Collection and is suited for all ages. It has been hand crafted with love and good intentions. Materials include a natural jute wrapped hoop with handwoven twine web. Soft pink & cream pearls, rose gold and gold beads. Along the bottom are alternating blush pink & hand dyed cream ostrich feathers. It is finished…

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