Dream Whip

Create mouthwatering desserts using Dream Whip. Discover easy recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth and impress your guests.
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Posted for ZWT3. I tried this before posting it and it is so easy and so delicious. A classic French dessert and usually much more difficult to make - and the good news is, you don't have to wait for this to chill. I had some immediately after mixing and it was so good! You could also substitute any flavor pudding mix you wanted.

LeeAnna Hope
Tenderfoot Hearth: Old School Dessert-Dream Whip & Jello Crêpes, Picnics, Jell O, Pie, Desserts, Poke Cakes, Whipped Frosting, Whipped Jello Recipe, Whip

I was snooping around my pantry today, looking to make a sweet treat for dinner tonight. Deep in theback, I found one lonely package of Dream Whip and a box of strawberry Jello. This brought back fond memories of my childhood. Remember Dream Whip? It's shelf-stable, uses items I always have and doesn't take up space in the freezer like Cool Whip. I am a child of the early 70s. The Brady Bunch ruled the TV, The Jackson 5 ruled the radio, and Jello reigned supreme! We ate a lot of different…

Angela Heaton