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Discover the top coffee brewing methods to enjoy a perfect cup of joe every morning. From pour-over to French press, explore the best ways to make your coffee experience unforgettable.
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Other Misconceptions About Afternoon TeaBy Ellen Easton - Copyright 2004 - All Rights ReservedIn preface to my article Tea Etiquette Faux Pas and Other Misconceptions About Afternoon Tea, I would like to clarify the distinctions between the classification of class status, etiquette, social protocols, morals, and ethics as per the dining/afternoon tea experience.Etiquette and social protocols are not synonymous with morals or ethics. One has nothing to do with the other. A perfectly well…

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Cardamom & Orange Spiced White Hot Chocolate | I'm dreaming of a white hot cocoa... the kind you want to wrap your hands around and sip slowly to keep the chill away. The kind of hot cocoa that makes time slow down, just so you can savor its sweet, creamy goodness a little longer. The kind of hot cocoa that makes you go, "wow, I didn't know white chocolate could be this decadent!"

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This hot cocoa is made in the microwave but you can instead do it on the stove. Do step #1 in a small sauce pan. Then add the milk from step 2 to the sauce pan. Then heat on the stove until the desired temperature is reached. Listen to learn how to make this recipe, along with some great tips from Christine: [sc name="hotcocoarotd"][/sc] Listen to more Recipe of the Day episodes here.

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