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Unlock your artistic potential with dry brush painting. Learn the innovative techniques and explore inspiring ideas to create unique and textured artwork that will leave a lasting impression.
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Precious first grade friends sharing paint and getting ready to try their (messy) hands at sponge painitng. Hello and welcome to The Art Room. Which, during the week of Painting Processes, could have easily been dubbed The Day the Paint Factory Vomited...or maybe What Happens When You Give Children Double Espressos and Paint Brushes. Although just calling it The Day the Art Teacher Taught a Half Dozen Painting Techniques in a 1/2 Hour Because She's Nutz would probably be the most accurate…

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Learn this easy Dry Brushing Paint Technique to use on furniture, crafts, artwork, and more! It’s the perfect way to add a bit of color and texture to a piece without completely hiding its natural beauty. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to get started! This winter has been brutal, hasn’t it? Here in Indiana we’ve had…

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Scumbling in art refers to a painting technique that involves applying a thin layer of paint with a dry brush and a loose hand over an existing layer. The idea is to allow parts of the already existing paint below to remain exposed. In most cases, scumbling is used over dried paint, but you can

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8 Acrylic Flat Brush Techniques Whether you’ve done one or one hundred paintings, practicing brush techniques is always a great exercise! A flat brush is the most commonly used and versatile brush for acrylic painting

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