Easter crafts recycled

Get inspired to create unique Easter crafts using recycled materials. Discover fun and eco-friendly ideas to celebrate the holiday in a sustainable way.
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A very pretty yet easy plastic bottle basket making tutorial at home. These baskets are made using waste plastic soda or water bottles and some craft foam sheets, turning into beautiful Easter baskets for your Easter decorations or Easter egg hunting. Being few days away from celebrating Easter, a festival of joy and happiness, we

Pre-Easter Fun: Make this Recycled Egg Carton Wreath With Your Kids! — super make it Easter, Easter Eggs, Easter Decorations, Easter Egg Decorating, Easter Egg Crafts, Creative Easter Eggs, Easter Holidays, Easter Egg Wreath, Easy Easter Decorations

I made this egg carton wreath for The Week Junior last year (and somehow forgot to post about it). It’s a fun do-together project: put on some music, get everyone around a table, snip flowers and figure out how to use all the parts from the carton…the cups that hold the eggs, the pointy pyramids i

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