Easy sourdough bread recipe

Learn how to make a delicious sourdough bread with this easy recipe. Impress your friends and family with your homemade bread and enjoy the amazing taste of freshly baked sourdough.
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This is a basic sourdough bread that doesn't require kneading or complicated measuring and techniques. It produces a delicious, hearty loaf, perfect for people (like me) desiring a more self-reliant lifestyle.

Tamara Barker
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You can absolutely make sourdough bread in a day! Our one day sourdough bread recipe is perfect if you only have 12 hours or 24. This basic sourdough recipe can be customized and produce amazing sourdough bread flavor combinations.

Debbie Malter
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Use this super simple sourdough bread recipe for weekly sourdough bread baking. It's simple and delicious! You can do a few stretch and folds, knead it, or simple make this as a no-knead bread. Any of those techniques will work, so do whatever you have time for today.

Heather Rickenbach