Ejection seat

Learn all about ejection seats, their functionality, and why they are crucial in aircrafts. Explore the fascinating world of ejection seats and their life-saving capabilities.
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Here are 25 Kickass and Interesting Pilot Stories. 1-5 Interesting Pilot Stories 1. During WW2, Luftwaffe pilot Franz Stigler refused to destroy a damaged B-17. The German pilot escorted the B-17 to the English Channel and then saluted the American pilot and returned home. About 40 years later, they were reunited and developed a deep

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Hi all, Here I will share all the updates of the creation of my latest project, the reversed sci fi trike :) This started out as a quick block out design practise but I ended up making a game ready vehicle now. The final lowpoly will also be rigged so all important structural elements need to be fully functional.

matt wilmot