Emancipation day

Learn about the history and significance of Emancipation Day, a day that celebrates freedom and the end of slavery. Discover how people around the world commemorate this important event and join in the celebrations.
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Posted on April 28, 2015 In 1998 this holiday was created by Parliamentary Act to celebrate ten national heroes. One of them was a slave! Bussa was born free in Africa and was captured and taken to the Caribbean island of Barbados, which was a British colony. He may have been a “ranger” on a plantation; he planned and led the first large-scale slave rebellion in the British West Indies. Although Bussa's Rebellion was put down by better-armed British forces, and Bussa himself was killed, the…

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Emancipation Day symbolizes a continuing quest for freedom. In 1834 Britain released an entire race from servitude, but it was only a small, first step to freedom from economic and social bondage. Nearly two centuries later, freedom continues to be an elusive dream for so many of us everywhere. In a world that accepted and tolerated the legitimacy of Apartheid, where ethnic cleansing and racism have ravaged entire societies, where hate devours reason, where the mind is still in chains, where…

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