En pointe

Take your ballet skills to the next level with en pointe techniques and tips. Learn how to perfect your balance and grace on your toes and elevate your dance performance.
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Check out her sore feet! Courtesy of www.dancersfeetct.blogspot.com After 6 years without ballet in my life, I took my first class last night...and am beyond sore. I guess kickboxing/boxing really doesn't work out the same muscles after all. Needless to say, my poor worn down body and mind could use some R&R. Which is why a relaxing bath soak is absolutely necessary tonight. Photo courtesy of www.health.com I should begin by saying that bath soaks are probably the easiest thing to make as…

Cara Jones
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Here are fourteen ballet pointe tips to improve your pointe work and help you get a better position en pointe. These tips were part of a recent Instagram challenge hosted by Sarah Arnold from The Accidental Artist. Sarah Arnold is a former professional ballet who has been teaching ballet for over 30 years. Tip #1 - Add