English walnut

Try these mouth-watering recipes that feature English walnuts. From salads to desserts, discover the versatility and rich flavor of this nutritious nut.
English walnut, Juglans regia  (Juglandales: Juglandaceae) - 1379036 Croquis, English Walnut, Vintage Botanical, Botanica, Botanical Art, Artwork, Botanical Prints, Botanical Drawings, Artist

Image 1379036 is of English walnut (Juglans regia) plant(s). It is by Zelimir Borzan at University of Zagreb. 1. Flowering branchlet with drooping male catkins (a - d), and young shoot with female flowers in short, few flowered terminal spikes (e, f). - 2. Terminal section of a mature shoot with ripe fruits: the large, hard-shelled nuts are included in a glabrous, fleshy, green, dehiscent (b) or indehiscent husk (a). The leaves are odd-pinnate, with terminal leaflets the largest - 3…

Cindy Stone