Eyebrows sketch

Learn how to create perfect eyebrow sketches with expert tips and techniques. Enhance your makeup skills and achieve flawless eyebrows with these step-by-step tutorials.
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Love this... This blog shows all different types of eye brows and then tells you what they express about the person wearing them... check it out! Drawing Techniques, Eyes, Doodles, Portrait, Drawing Tips, Drawing People, Eyebrows, Painting & Drawing, Drawing Eyebrows

I know eye brows seem like such a small thing but in regards to beauty they are very important. Your eye brows frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. Eye Brow Shape and What It Says About You: Untamed- Overwelmed, Crazy and/or Wild Over Tweezed- Control Issues and Suppressed Rage Curve, slightly rounded- Loveable, Relaxed (note difference between a slight curve and the half moon rounded) Half Moon- Theatrical, Wanting Attention Natural Thick- Causal Confidence Arch- Wise, Arrogant…

Ashlee B.