Fall recipes sides

Add some seasonal flair to your dinner table with these mouthwatering fall side dish recipes. From roasted vegetables to hearty grains, discover the perfect accompaniments to your autumn meals.
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I hope that many of you will find the following charts useful and helpful. There are so many varieties of fruits and veggies out - there is no way for any one of to know about all of them. Hope these help!!! Click on picture to enlarge. There are so many varieties available this time of the year. I know we all have our favorites - but this may give you a new idea. Again, it's that time of the year - so many options. I truly don't think I have found an apple or a squash that I didn't like! I…

Nancy Owens Merenda

The whole family will love this amazing pomegranate salad! Made with crisp apple slices, crunchy + sweet pomegranate seeds, and lots of greens paired with a simple balsamic dressing. The perfect salad to serve as Thanksgiving side salad or to compliment your favorite meal!

Taylor Sizemore