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Explore the captivating stories and iconic performances of famous clowns throughout history. From classic characters to modern jesters, find inspiration and entertainment in the world of clowning.
Helena Bonham Carter - 'Clown' for Channel 4 — Charlie Clift Costumes, Mascara, Famous Clowns, Helena Bonham Carter, Clown Makeup, Quentin Blake, The Incredibles, Helena Bonham, Circus Outfits

Believe in your ideas. I have to remind myself of this sometimes. Don’t be scared of something you think will be awesome, pitch it instead. That’s how I got to photograph the great Helena Bonham Carter dressed as a clown. It all started when Carl Palmer asked me to promote Channel 4’s big Christmas animation of Quentin Blake’s ‘Clown’. It seemed obvious to me, if Helena was doing the show’s narration then we should surely dress her as a clown for the promo shots. Carl agreed (top man). So we…

R L Wiehe