Fantasy places

Embark on a journey to discover mesmerizing fantasy places that will transport you to a world of magic and wonder. Unleash your imagination and get inspired by these captivating destinations.
a room filled with lots of books under a light fixture on top of a ceiling

Biblioteca onde vive El Blanco - a saída da Torre de Ferro e passagem para o mundo da superfície. Onde ocorre a batalha do grupo de Luther contra o dragão senhor da Torre, onde Abigail se fere e onde eles são forçados a abandonar Russel.

Bárbara Van Putten
an image of a creepy looking town in the sky with buildings on either side and dark clouds above it Dark Fantasy, Steampunk, Wonderland, Fantasy Artwork, Fantasy World, Fantasy Landscape, Fantasy City, Fantasy Story, Fantasy Places

*Edit* This piece got featured on 80 LVL! The page has more images on my process and feelings on the project. Feel free to check out the article here: My first try at a larger scale environment scene that took place over the span of two months. This project was based off a concept done by Pierre Fabre ( I am super…

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