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Explore a variety of fun and creative felt games that are perfect for all ages. Get inspired to create memorable moments with your loved ones with these engaging and interactive game ideas.
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Felt Button Flower Fine motor skills involve the use of small muscle groups such as hands and fingers. With the development of these skills, a child; They can do tasks such as buttoning up and grasping small objects. Children whose hand-eye coordination improves day by day thanks to their fine motor skills; they also develop directly and indirectly in exploration, learning and creative thinking. Fine motor skills are essential for little hands to gain strength and ability. As parents and…

Regina Semaan

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Creating an Ice Cream Felt Board Activity Set had been in my head for a while.. I started making it up one day during nap.. and finished the other night! I think it’s pretty cute. :) Inside Scoop: When I’m taking photos of the felt board.. my husband usually makes a ‘I’m so hilarious’ comment like.. “girls leave mommy alone she’s playing with the felt board”… haha. It’s true..I probably look silly.. but the inner stager in me enjoys it. ;) Did anyone ever play with play mobile? Growing up we…

Annie Wilhelm
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Felt puzzle for toddler it is educational Montessori toys. This matching game is well suited as a preschool learning materials. The game consists of six pairs of cards. On one side are numbers from 0 to 5. On the other side - the watermelon with the number of seeds from 0 to 5. You need to compare the number with the quantity of seeds in the watermelon. SET OPTIONS The set includes 6 puzzles (12 pieces) with numbers from 0 to 5. SIZE The size of one puzzle (2 halves) 2.8″x6″ (7x15 cm) AGE…

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