Filofax diy

Discover unique and creative DIY ideas to organize and personalize your Filofax. Take control of your schedule and add a personal touch to your planner with these inspiring Filofax DIY projects.
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The great thing about planners is that there are nearly an endless amount of ways to customize them and add personality to keep you motivated with your daily goals and to-dos! I am asked all the time about my planner personalizations and so I thought it would be fun and helpful if I gave you a […]Continue Reading

Monja van Eijk
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Having been a planner junkie for the better part of 15 years (30 in my mom's case), we know with absolute certainty that there is no such thing as the "Perfect Planner." The reason there are thousands of different planners and agendas to choose from these days is because there is no one system that works for everyone. While one person may fit their entire life into a pocket size notebook, another person may require multiples planners of various shapes and sizes to organize their life. Over…

Sarah Cunha