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On a windswept isle in the southwestern corner of the realm, amidst the roiling waves of the Rhotano Sea, lies the maritime city-state of Limsa Lominsa. To this haven for bandits and brigands, cutthroats and curs, seekers of both freedom and fortune, comes a lone adventurer. Lone, yet not alone, for the hero's arrival has drawn the gaze of the nation's patron deity Llymlaen. What realm-shaking fate has She descried in the churning waters of this mortal's future? Through peril and hardship…

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"The Journey Never Ends (FFXIV)" by Taisa Kislova (DarP) Bloodborne Art, Final Fantasy Art, Final Fantasy Xiv, Game Inspiration, Gamer Life, Anime Fan, Final Fantasy, Serie Tv, Anime Fanart

Final Fantasy XIV: ENDWALKER (fanart) My OC: Shiona ---------- I created this work, being very impressed with the "FFXIV: Endwalker". Personal practice and a little reflection on what other adventures may lie ahead of us. I wonder what kind of dreams Azem is having now? More dragons maybe? :) ---------- MY LINKS:

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