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Keep your floors looking pristine with these effective floor care tips. Discover the best techniques and products to maintain a clean and shiny home.
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The combination of frigid January temperatures cooping us up inside and the influx of online after Christmas sales, can wreak havoc on my what little impulse control I possess. This year has been no exception. Thanks to a big sale at Restoration Hardware, we decided to update our dining room (which I will delve into...

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Hardwood floors can be tricky to clean and can be hard to maintain without damage. It is vital to keep your wood floors scuff-free as well as dirt-free because scuffs can help to destroy the premium look and will cause the floor to look dirty. Also, dirt can cause your hardwood floor to crack,

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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Hardwood Floors — Bona | Apartment Therapy

We love our hardwood floors — until the sunlight hits them and highlights all the dust we haven’t swept up. But just because hardwood doesn’t hide dirt does not mean it’s a high-maintenance diva. In fact, we partnered up with Bona®, one of the most trusted names in hardwood-floor maintenance, to find an easy routine that’ll leave your floors all shine and no grime. Dust to keep dirt from piling up.

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Every year, Good Housekeeping announces its annual VIP (Very Innovative Products) Awards. In addition to saluting new products that are ingenious breakthroughs in solving everyday problems, we honor a Hall of Fame winner, chosen by readers

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It’s Clean Your Floors Day! 🧹 Taking care of your floors can be a tedious chore, but it’s important for extending their longevity and your health. When it comes to cleaning your floors, there’s no one-size fits all method. This article will walk you through how to clean each type of flooring.

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