Flower care

Learn how to properly care for your flowers to ensure they thrive and create a stunning garden. Discover expert tips and techniques to keep your flowers healthy and vibrant all season long.
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We Tried It: The Best Way to Keep Flowers Fresh

There’s nothing that can freshen up your space or brighten your day like a bouquet of flowers. The only downside to these lovelies is that we wish they would last longer. We’ve all heard of different tips and tricks to help our flowers stay fresh as long as possible, and I thought I would put some of the common options to the test. Keep reading to see the results and the big winner!

Bella Blair
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Orchid Care and Repotting

Orchid Care and Repotting Orchids are some of the most beautiful and often most misunderstood plants. They are actually quite easy to care for and enjoy. Here is the scoop on caring for these beautiful plants. { "__shgImageV2Elements": { "uuid": "s-3d4484e9-f37e-4a10-b741-a8101f7412bf" } } Soil Orchids are epiphytes which means they grow on the trunks of trees in the rainforest, gathering moisture and nutrients from the surrounding humid air. Epiphytes, including Orchids like a barky growing…

Marlene Melle