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Take your fly tying skills to the next level with the best fly tying vices. Find the perfect vice to securely hold your materials and create beautiful flies. Start tying your own flies and catch more fish with confidence.
LAW Fly Tying Vice made by Lawrence Waldron in 2008. - The Edward Barder Rod Company Fly Tying Vice, Lawrence, Fly Tying, Steel, Tool Steel, Edward, Law, Roger Smith Watches, Rod

Sadly for those of us who tie flies, the estimable Lawrence Waldron no longer offers his superlative fly tying vices for sale. This one, made in 2008 and very lightly used, offers an increasingly rare opportunity to obtain what is regarded by many as the best vice ever made. I knew Lawrence slightly and met ... Read more

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Another step by step by popular demand, My Mylar Sandeel... You will need Hook in Vice, lay down a short bed of mono. Leave a small gap of a couple of millimetres or so to tie in the front of the Mylar for the Sandeels nose later on. Pick out a sparse bunch of White Bucktail about 31/2 times the length of the hook. Clean out the Bucktail by pulling out any long ends and then hold the tips and flick the butt sections to loosen any short hair. You should now be left with a sparse bunch of…

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In 2009 TRIW discovered a unique body of water, home to the largest carp we had ever seen. This particular body of water was highly trafficked and experienced angling pressure on a daily basis. These stressors made the carp exceptionally wary of riparian activity. Over a four month period we failed to hook a single fish. Our flies would either spook the fish or go unnoticed. It occurred to me that our flies were probably scaring the fish because they closely resembled what bait or lure…

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