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Dive into the captivating world of FNAF characters and uncover the secrets behind their eerie charm. Discover the top characters and their intriguing backstories that will leave you wanting more.
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Description Our friendly security staff can help. 3rd of the Glamrocks is here. There isn't much to talk about, so off to the final Glamrock for today. Update: New render for Chica. Link to the old one: sta.sh/07qce4z0bf4 Porter of the model: twitter.com/LukaszBorges Warning!: Use with credit.

Liz The Cat
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Spin the wheel to randomly choose from these options: Electro-bab, Plushtrap, Security Puppet, Candy Cadet, Circus Baby, Nightgaurd, El chip, Nightmarionne, Foxy the pirate fox, Nightmare Mangle, Phone Recorders (Human), Funtime Foxy, Endo 0.2, The Marionette, SpringBonnie, Bonnie the Bunny, Technician, Pigpatch, Withered Golden Freddy, Trash & the Gang, Bon-Bon, Jack-o-chica, Rockstar Freddy, Phantom Foxy, Glitchtrap, Nightmare Bonnie, Ballora, Ennard, Toy Foxy, Henry, Toy Freddy, Scrap…

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Description OwO It's my boi - Springy. It's really simple edit, but this is all I need for my Thank You image ( Spoilers XD ) I ( again ) used only parts from games ( from FNAF 3 and UCN ) Warning!: Don't use without asking me first. Edit: I made him more HD - The textures are now in better quality. Edit 2: I completly reworked him, but he almost look the same as before XD Edit 3: I made him entirely different, so it's somewhat orginal. I will leave a link to the previous version in case if…

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