Foccacia recipe

Learn how to make a delicious focaccia bread at home with this easy recipe. Enjoy the flavorful taste and aroma of freshly baked focaccia that will leave you craving for more.
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Viral Garlic Butter Foccacia by MagicMikeysKitchen - FoodSocial

5 years ago, I created this FOCCACIA recipe that was mediocre, but I enjoyed it. Every year, I would make it better and better. Once I got the perfect measurements & bake time, I felt stagnant. I asked myself how I could possibly make this FOCCACIA better? Well, I found a way and I know all your garlic butter lovers will thank me later!

Andrea Parenza
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Best Easy No Knead Focaccia | Easiest Bread Recipes | No-knead Bread Recipes

No-knead focaccia is a super-easy snack idea made with zero effort and no technique (not even kneading). With the softest crumbs, fantastic texture, and delicious flavor, it’s the easy focaccia recipe you didn’t know you were looking for.

Glenda McCarthy
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Authentic Italian Focaccia

Our authentic Italian focaccia comes straight from an Italian friend when we lived in Europe. That is why it is quite possibly the best focaccia bread you’ll ever taste. Light and airy with a savory topping, this focaccia is perfect on its own, as a base for pizza, or to hold your favorite sandwich toppings.

Sandra Boswell