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Hello all Today i am going to write about the costume of the region of Kapsai, somewhat of a sister region to Zanavykia. Kapsai is south of Zanavykia, between Lithuania Minor and Dzukija, bordering on Poland to the south. This corner of Poland historically had a sizeable Lithuanian community, and actually i am not familiar with any Polish costume native to this corner of Poland. Here is a map showing the Kapsai region. This map shows Dzukia extending to the south of Kapsai. Different maps do…

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There is no denying that '70s fashion is back in style. Maxi dresses, hippie shirts, high waist jeans, boho jackets, and granny boots have all found their way into our closets again. With an entire decade of fashion to choose from, the late seventies / early eighties style is winning today's vintage revival, especially when

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