Ford transit bed ideas

Transform your Ford Transit camper with these creative bed ideas. Find inspiration to maximize space and create a comfortable sleeping area for your adventures.
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5 Reasons We Did Not Choose a Fixed Bed for our Van Layout - Truth of Traveling

When designing your van layout there are two popular bed options that people choose. From there there are a million ways to make it work or do half and half but the two most common bed configurations include a fixed bed or a convertible bed. In this post we’re going to dive into what both

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How To Make Hanging Cots and Bunks for Kids Beds in Camper Van Over Front Seats

I've designed some cots that hang over the front seats of the van. They were designed primarily for kids but they can easily hold 200 lbs and span the width of the van.The cot could be built as a folding or non-folding cot. For simplicities sake I went with non-folding first just to get something that is functional. I designed a folding frame that collapses into a stick (still the full length of the cot, but easier to store.DESIGN INSPIRATION • Cabbunk Camper Van Hammock Bunk Bed System for…

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DIY Ford Transit Camper Van (with removable bunks)

I have talked to my husband about getting a camper for YEARS. We've always loved camping, but we never loved packing up a wet tent at the end of a trip. And, is it just me, or does it always seem to rain?! I've dreamed about how a simple little camper could solve that problem. And I've dreamed about a pop-up camper for literally 20 years. Ever since I was little. And guys? That dream lives on. Because we still didn't get one. We may never get one. BUT we upgraded our family vehicle last…

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