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Get ready for a good laugh with these funny Tinder conversations. From witty comebacks to hilarious pick-up lines, discover the funniest interactions on Tinder that will leave you in stitches.
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The world went from “love is in the air” to “love is on the screen” very fast. If you’re still transitioning, you need some guidance. While having everything just a click away might be very convenient, the competition is a huge challenge. With so many Internet users, it’s quite hard to present yourself memorably. Some people have already figured out the cheats of the online dating game (especially on Tinder), and the winning strategy includes having funny things to put in your bio.

12 Funny Tinder Bios From Amputees Who Did Not Lose Their Sense Of Humor Game Of Thrones, Comedians, Humour, Funny Memes, Stand Up Comedians, Amputee, Stride, Funny Tinder, Laugh

Refusing to accept your limitations keeps you stuck. So while disabilities change people's lives in big ways, being in denial about them isn't helping anyone. However, commitment, creativity, and a willingness to do things differently can dramatically reduce the impact a disability has on someone. Including their dating life. Bored Panda has compiled a list of funny Tinder bios by people who lost their limbs bot not their sense of humor, proving that acceptance isn't giving in. Rather…