Gastric bypass hospital bag

Prepare for your gastric bypass surgery with a well-packed hospital bag. Find out what essential items you need to bring to ensure a comfortable and smooth recovery process.
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Here’s my list of must haves (or wish I had!) when I went in for any of my surgeries, but most recently from my Gastric Bypass/RNY surgery when I stayed in the hospital for 2 nights! I hope you fin…

Beth Kretschman
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Get your Bariatric Hospital Bag Checklist Here! Trying to figure out what to pack in your bag for Weight loss Surgery? Chances are, you’ve spent the past several months preparing for your surgery with lots of doctors appointments. But you are left asking yourself what should I bring to the hospital with me for my hospital stay? What items will I really need? I’m going to share with you what was in my bag and many others. Download your free checklist here.

Julie Novosel