Gel nail removal

Discover the best techniques for removing gel nails at home. Keep your nails healthy and looking great with these easy and effective methods.
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Don't have time to go to the salon for a removal? No worries! This post will teach you how to remove gel polish at home to save you time and money!

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You can actually remove a gel manicure at home without a trip to the salon—and without wrecking your nails or cuticles. Eliana Gaviria, a nail technician at Haven Spa in New York, offers tips to master the process, as well as the exact products you'll need.

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Discover the ultimate guide to removing gel nails at home with ease. Our step-by-step tutorial provides simple, effective techniques to safely take off gel polish, ensuring the health of your natural nails. Perfect for beginners and nail care enthusiasts alike. Learn the essentials of DIY gel nail removal and keep your nails looking fabulous without a salon visit. Read now for expert tips and tricks

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What are you supposed to do if you have leftover gel polish on your nails but you can’t go to the salon? You may need to experiment. For example, regular nail polish is removed with citric acid and sunflower oil, and if you need to remove gel polish, you’ll need a solution that contains dish detergent and salt.

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