Giant huntsman spider

Learn about the giant huntsman spider, its size, habitat, and behavior. Discover how this arachnid plays a crucial role in maintaining the ecosystem and why it's worth appreciating.
Wolf Spider, which burrows and builds trap doors. Bugs And Insects, Giant Huntsman Spider, Spider Mites, Huntsman Spider, Creepy Crawlies, Pet Spider, Giant Sea Spider, Cool Bugs, Spider

NB: as noted in the comments below, this is really a wolf spider, and not a part of the trapdoor spider family, technically speaking. Although it still burrows and builds trapdoors, so convergent evolution trumps taxonomy, i think ... (Original text follows.) I couldn't resist luring the spider out once more for a portrait shot. It obliged, allowing me this photo before chasing me around for a bit, just to teach me a lesson. Scale: around 2x actual size here at 500 pixels, or approx. 7cm…

judy ober