Gluten free meatballs recipe

Try this mouthwatering gluten-free meatballs recipe for a healthy and satisfying meal. Learn how to make flavorful meatballs without gluten and enjoy a guilt-free dinner tonight.
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Yes, it’s possible to prepare tender, juicy dinner meatballs that are gluten free! This well-tested recipe for homemade gluten-free meatballs is made using ground chuck (a type of ground beef with high fat content) and no breadcrumbs or egg! You’ll briefly brown the meatballs in the oven before transferring them to a simmering sauce stovetop, which avoids moisture loss. Yields 5 servings.

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These gluten free meatballs are the perfect healthy comfort food! Made without breadcrumbs and just a handful of simple ingredients like ground beef, ground pork, almond flour, onions, parsley, and a flavorful blend of seasonings. The perfect thing to make when you're craving a hearty Italian inspired dinner! Gluten free, dairy free, paleo, Whole30 option.

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