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Grainline Studio Farrow Dress

Grainline Studio Farrow Dress I joined in the MAGAM sew along with @sarahlizsewstyle last month on Instagram, for the first time. The theme for June was 'Sew New Season'. I decided a lovely winter version of the Grainline Studio Farrow Dress would fit the bill. My MAGAM sewing plans posted on IG The fabric is a poly cotton jacquard that I bought at Spotlight. It was quite a heavy weight fabric and I thought it would have the ideal structure and drape that would work well for the Farrow…

Paula DeConti
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As promised, here is the first tutorial in making the Scout Tee Madewell variation. I broke this down into two sections because it was getting pretty long as one post. For this variation tutorial you will need the following things... Scout Tee Pattern Rulers (straight and curved) Pencil Paper You can click the below images to see a larger version if needed. Figure 1 You're going to need to first lengthen the sleeve. Decide how long you want your finished sleeve to be, this will be the length…

Cynthia Fernald
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One of our perennial favorite posts is our guide to getting flat bias facings. In the original post we called them bias necklines, which I think is limiting. You can easily use this technique for necklines, armholes, keyhole openings, and more! We've also updated the post with new images taken from the Willow Tank so that you can see it applied to one of our current patterns. You can still see the original post here, or enjoy this updated version. Keep in mind that although we're showing a…

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