Great northern railroad

Discover the fascinating story of the Great Northern Railroad, from its inception to its impact on the development of the American West. Uncover the iconic routes, legendary trains, and the people who made it all possible.
The old Great Northern Railroad Station in Spokane. Washington State, Trips, Great Northern Railroad, Railroad Station, Historic Train Depot, Union Station, Train Depot, Railroad Photos, Spokane Washington

The countdown begins for Expo 74, the World's Fair in 1974 in Spokane, Washington. This building and the Union Station were part of the Riverfront Park when they put it up to a levy vote in 1971. It got 56 percent yes but it needed 60 percent to pass. Then Expo 74 plan shows up with the stations removed from the plan. What happened? Being in advertising and a railfan nut I got involved with saving these structures. I got the Spokane Ad Club involved as you can see on the poster. We had about…

Jennifer Holtsman