Ground cover shade

Transform your shade garden with these beautiful ground cover ideas. Discover low-maintenance plants that thrive in shady areas and create a lush and vibrant landscape.
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One of my biggest challenges was finding pretty ground covers for a very shady section of my backyard. There are beautiful flowering plants and plants with variegated leaves that help shady areas pop! Come see.

Allison Pride
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This week, Ken Lain The Mountain Gardener of Watters Garden Center in Prescott, AZ discusses ground covers that will provide year-round color. What perennial ground covers come back yearly? Which are drought tolerant and can handle full sun. Evergreen ground cover, and the best cover plants to prevent weeds.

Sarah McCain Garner
11 Best Plants For Covering Slopes and Hillsides | Gardening, Ground Cover Plants, Ground Cover Plants Shade, Evergreen Ground Cover Plants, Ground Cover Shade, Perennial Ground Cover, Best Ground Cover Plants, Ground Cover, Evergreen Groundcover

Planting on slopes and hillsides can be a challenge for any one. The trial and error of quickly planting some fast growing vines only to have them washed downhill with heavy rainfall the following week. Because your first efforts didn't pay off, you put off replanting and weeds begin to grow and grow. The area becomes a terrible version of itself complete with erosion. But,

Lois Felten