Growing moss

Learn how to grow moss in your garden and create a lush green landscape. Discover tips, ideas, and techniques to cultivate and maintain beautiful moss gardens.
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Update: A lot of you are coming over from Pinterest. Welcome to my humble little blog! Be sure to check out the rest of my blog for more ideas on how to "save money" and "make stuff". If you like it, you can share my blog or subscribe. If you decide to plant any moss (or make anything else you find on my blog), I would love to hear about it! Leave me a comment, or send me a picture. It would make me feel so proud! When I first wrote this blog, I had just planted the moss, and I didn't know…

Ciara Andrews Black

Moss is a plant that doesn't need soil to grow. It gets its nutrients from the air and water. Moss can be found growing on trees, fences, rocks and even rooftops. Keep reading to learn how to grow moss on rocks in your own garden! What is Moss? Moss is a type of plant that is simple in structure and appearance. Mosses are small, green plants that typically grow close to the ground in moist, humid conditions. Because mosses do not have true roots, they are unable to absorb large amounts of…

Doug Read