Gucci disco bag

Elevate your style with a trendy Gucci Disco bag. Explore our top picks and find the perfect accessory to complete your fashionable outfits.
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Earlier this year when I went all crazy-eyed for bags, I purchased the Gucci Soho Disco. Part of my final decision to buy the bag was because The Purse Forum thread for this particular bag was talking about new colors that were being released. Within that discussion it was revealed that with the new colors also came an update to the bag - no tassel on the zipper. No one seemed to know for sure if this was a complete redesign of the bag and all bags produced in the future would have no…

Lisa I
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When it comes to fashion, everyone has a different opinion on when to save vs. when to splurge. Some people like expensive shoes, some like highend denim, while others splurge on jewelry. I'm an equal opportunity employer when it comes to clothing, jewelry and shoes. From DVF to Forever21, I'll wear it all. So what gets my credit card juices a-flowin'? Luxury handbags. What can I say? I'm a girl that lives and dies for absurdly expensive handbags. I truly believe that you can be wearing…

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