Gwaine merlin

Explore the dynamic friendship between Gwaine and Merlin in the hit TV show. Discover their thrilling adventures and heartwarming moments that will leave you wanting more.
"He may not be of noble birth, but I can vouch that he has a noble heart" Sherlock, People, Merlin, Star Trek, Knight, Knight In Shining Armor, Arthurian Legend, Medieval Life, Fantasy

This article is about the knight, Gwaine, for the episode he is introduced in, see: Gwaine (episode) Sir Gwaine was a Knight of the Round Table and a good friend of Merlin. Gwaine was born to a knight and his wife. Early in his childhood his father died fighting in Caerleon's army, leaving his family penniless. When his mother went to the king for help, he turned her away. Gwaine's opinion of the nobility was forever altered by this experience; he believed that all nobles were blinded by…

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