Halloween displays

Get inspired by these creative Halloween display ideas to create a spooky and unforgettable experience for trick-or-treaters. Transform your home into a haunted wonderland that will leave your neighbors in awe.
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Halloween can be expressed as a mathematical equation. Much like the Powerpuff Girls, Halloween is made up of three parts (plus an accidentally-added extra ingredient to the concoction — Chemical X). First, there are the costumes — not much of a holiday without pretending to be courageous heroes and nefarious villains! Next, of course, there’s the candy. Delicious. Sweet. Deliciously sweet. Finally, there are the spooky decorations, without which Halloween would be just another cosplay party…

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Welcome to a preview of my Harvest home decked out for The Home Depot Style Challenge. I hope you are inspired to try your hand at some DIY projects that you see posted below or in the many other wonderful Style Challenge posts located on the Home Depot Apron Blog. To read about my journey through the Style Challenge process and to see photos of two other Harvest design mantle variations click HERE. Harvest is a time for gathering. A time when food, family and friends are far more important…

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THERE IS A HALLOW'S EVE tale I'm sure you've never heard before. It is the story of the All-Seeing Tree. You see, there was once a gardener named Mary Ann who lived not long ago. She was introduced to me by my photographer friend Harold. We used to go sit and be entertained by her for hours on end — always enthralled. She would tell us fascinating stories of her life, with her beloved railroad-hobo dog right beside her in her chair. MARY ANN'S HANDS | My photographer friend Harold Daniels…

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